Scotslass ” Despicable Me… ”


Today we see lots of folk taking the markets to heart with a certain disingenuous twitter personality ” Scotslass ” whilst I have no real opinion, although  Scotslass has been around for sometime and whilst I’ve never been privy first hand to any of her calls I have witnessed all that is vile about social media.

The sticks and stones approach is one thing but blatant lying in order to try and force your own position is diabolical. I welcome any comments positive or negative and often have no emotional engagement with companies or the personnel I invest in, however this case really is a shocker.

To short a company whilst presenting misinformation or worse lies, is a case for legal intervention (some would argue), I personally won’t be escalating any complaint as i’m all for free speech, but to prey on the vulnerable really is a step on the rung down from fake fortune tellers.

Regardless of the said companies price action over the coming weeks (I think it’ll go well) I have to say making up claims like there would be no oil or the well was not pumping is dire, clearly the words commercial and oil seem to have alluded the bright eye’d opportunist.

Whilst I have warned that investors should ignore such diatribe, i do feel for punters caught up in the bulletin board style ” shit stirring ” Scotslass, you have lost a lot of respect from lots of your old friends here, as they like me have seen your behavior as typically vindictive of a vile LIAR.

Rumors are circulating that a group of merciless investors are using a boiler room setup in order, through entrapment ” to force a direction in the markets ” – If money and desperation drive people to such lengths then you have to feel sorry for them. Don’t get embroiled in this jibba jabba it’s an emotion that is toxic and will distract you.


Keep your pecker up



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Paul Scott – ” Shock Jockey or Bellend ”


Yesterday morning I went about my business before stumbling across a tweet by Paul Scott or @paulypilot often i read the odd comment which appears to be a weak form of sprucing up a pretty dull character. The kind of comments I refer to follow this line although not exactly word for word as i canny be arsed reading the crap to be truthful but he proclaimed:


Just published an article – Only 2000 reads ” I wonder why I bother ” (cough ” ego ”)

Then there was Claridges! A lady was asked to cover her exposed breast so’s not to offend customers, of course this was not enough for Dull Pol he reeled with disgust at a lady feeding her hungry child.

Yesterday morning, ” Surely calling somebody colored is better (kinder than black) ”

(Talk about being out of touch Mr Smallcapper, this comment in itself is simply stupid as it shows a lack of understanding or the failure to accept different sorts)

As I say, i’m not sure if these comments are designed just to try and throw abit of life into a very dull individual or worse uses controversy to gain attention. Up North we refer to such folk as ” Shock jockeys ” or more so in my regional dialect ” A complete bellend ” Either ignorance explains such a disconnect or it’s the sadder and more worrying, monomaniac manner he comments.


Well as all good egotistical maniacs dull Paul can sleep soundly knowing that he will only ever engage with folk that appreciate his commenting on the stock markets whilst suffering the knobstick’s flannel as a bi-product of such attention seeking.


I understand the exact irony of this piece but feel compelled to share such opinionated waffle with you all.






* I guess it’s gypsies, gays and scousers you’ll opine your pitiful views over in the future


(Disclaimer, I have no interest in grammatical terrorists trying to find a pitiful excuse to comment, but feel free to try and curry favor with dull pol as your may wish)




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When Lithium & Oil Collide… ” The Day The RNS Broke ”

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Now lets get a few things straight without cutting it up and making a choo choo train, people within this twisted, corrupt and very fickle world have tried to bribe,bully,threaten and discredit me for doing nothing more than give decent and honest people a few matter of facts about the way tier 3 aim companies operate.

So in typical ” I don’t give a toss style I give you the proof, what an utter wank stick my old chum Dave is ” Oh and by the way you looked a cunt in that stupid hat. I imagine non of your paid for buddies would be so honest with you, and to be fair i thought Tom took the piss in his Blackpool kiss me quick hat from the Quindell AGM but you beat him hands down.

When we think we have heard it all from my old Spar Big Dave (Lenigas) I watched the LGO and REM placings go off which triggered my tiny brain to think back 10 days….(Yawn)

Now what happened 10 days ago? (Ping) Arrgh that’s right, Lenigas tried to befriend me yet again, and by doing so he tried through his softer side to win me around with what appears (dishonest) misleading statements.

I have retained the original with IP to demonstrate the legitimacy Before any bozo tries to call me out on this not being legit so I’ll say one thing – ” Feel free to impeach ”

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Displaying IMAG1269_1.jpg

I hold no position in either company and have not for a very long time.

#UKOG on the other hand by JR’s Admission is going to be a cracker, so take the advice by getting ahead of the crowd rather than being fed to the pension fund lion who’s apply named (Bollocks – allegedly)


* Anyone who is easily offended should not read this – thankyou

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Management Resource Solutions – MRS

After joining AIM on what was one of the worst weeks on record since 2011 Management Resource Solutions entered the race with a bang, the shares traded down significantly on what appeared £30,000 worth of stock trading hands so I felt inspired to dig deeper into the obscene 40% swing. At 30p on 8am of listing day the shares come off quiet a bit leaving investors facing two issue’s.


1: Buyers were now feeling concerned the pricing of the IPO was incorrect.


2: New buyers couldn’t access the stock through their brokers.


MRS was an old ticker for a company called Melrose who I believe merged with another resource company, the ticker has sat idle until the Management Resource listing where the epic code was assigned to the new and unrelated company. This coupled with little stock in free float or stacked on brokers books made rushing to get the stock registered with many online retail brokers something of a secondary entity to going on the Christmas luncheon circuit instead.


A few days in and back to scratch the stock is now listed and ready with most retail brokers although a few are still dragging heels, On further investigation I’m reliably informed that £10,000 was out with the market makers on day 1 which means marking the book up and down on the flip of a five pence has been the order of the day. Any false suggestion the company did a pre- IPO at sub 10p recently has been quelled by the analysts who brought the company to market.


MRS has been doubling revenues YOY since its birth in 2007, recent interviews with the CEO suggest a better than expected start to this years campaign with a financial update due in January 2015. With moderate market interest I can see a decent run from MRS simply (If nothing else) because it aims to pay a dividend, Increased profits & revenue as well as a solid focus on governance with Xel & Fogl chairman and director sitting on the board of Management resource solutions.


Note: Low share issue / Free float stocks can be extremely aggressive! If the crowd back the bid then significant gains can be expected as the market makers don’t have enough banked to house a growing interest hence the quick mark up, however in the eyes of transparency should MRS fail to get the markets attention then you can expect the polar opposite which has already been shown.


Merry Christmas Folks

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The Royal Performance 4/20


Stellar Resources v Stellar Resources RNS 

Pictures say a thousand words, never mind the so called submission of applications or Ray (local manager) not working there, or the two directors stepping down, or the 2d/3d B.S at HorseHill (With poor initial results) or the operators directorship relationship with disgraced Australian broker Damian Conboy via GMOW/Exchange minerals or the Ex- RRL director Mike Povey now GM at Gold Mines Of Wales or the lack of physical gold or the Mickey mouse plant seated on an old desk with two blocks of wood does not give the Royal seal of approval.

Links and images below show the information released not my opinion……….



High grade samples–stg-/rns/high-grade-gold-sample-results-from-clogau-mine/201302070700042989X/


Stellar Resources: High Grade Gold Sample Results from Clogau Mine

Stellar Resources (AIM: STG) announces that it has received very promising first assay results from its venture located in Wales through its 49.9% interest in Gold Mines of Wales (Operations) Ltd (“GMOW”).

Assay results from underground grab samples range from 263 grams/tonne gold to 11.65 grams/tonne gold. Samples were taken from an unmined sections of the famous Clogau Gold Mine.

GMOW currently holds an exploration licence area of 120km² covering the entire Dolgellau Gold Belt. The Dolgellau Gold Belt has been subject to multiple phases of deformation and mineralisation and contains 61 known occurrences of gold mineralisation.

Sampling Programme Clogau Mine: Tyn n Cornel Level

The Clogau mine contains approximately 20 miles of drives and shafts, although exploration is currently focussed on the Tyn n Cornel level and 900 metres of the lower Llechfraith adit level.

Recent work by the GMOW has included underground mapping and sampling on the Tyn n Cornel level section of the mine where the main gold-bearing lodes, the Jack Williams and the John Hughes veins, historically produced high-grade gold.

The grab sampling program was focused along 200m of the Tyn n Cornel Level and was undertaken to access the prospectivity of the remaining material left within this section of the mine. These samples consisting of 1kg of rock were split into 500 gram lots and sent for assay at the ALS Minerals laboratory in Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland.

The assay results are tabulated below:


Weight Received

Gold (Au)

ppm / g/tonne




























Note: After preparation, the samples underwent ALS’s code Au-AA15 analytical procedure. The Au-AA15 methodology is accelerated cyanide leach using LeachWELL™ reagent with an AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) finish and is designed to detect gold in the range from 0.01-300ppm.

Stellar Resources Chairman David Lenigas commented; “These high grade gold samples from Colau highlight that significant amounts of gold remains within the old mine. The mine has the potential to contain other high grade pockets of gold in areas that have yet to be tested. Further samples will be taken from the surrounding area and a planned drill program is very much the focus for 2013”.

“The reported high grade results, of up to 263 g/t, albeit over a relatively limited sampling length of 200m, are very promising. GMOW and its technical consultants believe the Clogau Formation could still contain significant quantities of gold. Additional sampling over the remainder of the level and the longer Llfechfraith adit level is planned to access the potential for near-term production.”

This weeks samples–stg-/rns/further-update—clogau-gold-mine–wales-/201411200700225061X/


20 November 2014

Stellar Resources plc

(“Stellar Resources” or “the Company”)

Further Update – Clogau Gold Mine, Wales.

Stellar Resources (AIM: STG) advises that GMOW (Operations) Ltd (“GMOW”), the operator of Stellar Resources gold joint venture in Wales, has advised that it has received significant gold assay results from the latest underground sampling programme conducted on the Tyn n Cornel section of the Clogau St David’s Gold Mine (“Clogau”).


· A total of 10 out of 55 assays returned grades of over 200 grams per tonne gold (“g/t Au” or “ppm”), with 6 results returning greater than 300 g/t Au and the highest result returning 435 g/t Au;

· Average grade of samples from known underground stoping areas graded between 31-125 g/t Au; and

· Overall average of all samples was 67.3 g/t Au (2.2 ounces/tonne of gold).

Donald Strang, the Company’s Chairman commented:

“These are encouraging gold grades from the Clogau Mine and this work clearly demonstrates the potential of the area. Stellar Resources looks forward to reporting the results of the independent geological survey over the Dolgellau Gold Belt and the commissioning of the pilot processing plant over the coming weeks.”

Update on recent underground sampling at Clogau Gold Mine, Wales:

Overall, the total sample batch of 55 samples collected from the ground beneath the stopes in the Tyn n Cornel section of the Clogau St David’s Gold Mine in north Wales averaged 67.3 grams per tonne gold (“g/t Au” or “ppm Au”) (2. 2oz/t), with grades up to 435 g/t Au.

Clogau’s gold-bearing lodes are noted for their pockets of high-grade mineralization and historical production concentrated on the pursuit of these high grades zones. Consequently, there has been very little to no work done on material that was previously regarded as waste or where no visible gold was readily apparent.

In order to better evaluate the potential grades from processing larger amounts of remnant material within the mine a “mini-bulk” sampling programme exercise was undertaken during August and September 2014. The areas sampled included the previously grab sampled areas of the Tyn n Cornel level of the Clogau Mine, namely ‘the Main Lode (“ML”), Ned Pughes (“NP”), ‘Old Chutes (“OS”) and the John Hughes (“JH”) ore bodies. Sampling was also extended into the 710 drive south of the Clogau’s Main Lode system (“TMP”) and also into the nominally “waste” areas of the southern extension of the Tyn n Cornel adit (“TR”). The Tyn n Cornel section is the uppermost level of the mine and which provides access across the entire gold bearing mineralisation in the Clogau Mine. The more extensive lower level, the Llechfraith remains un-sampled at this stage.

A total 10 x 25kg samples each were selected from each of the underground stoping areas NP, JH, OS, ML, TMP and a additional 5 x 25kg samples were similarly selected from the development drive area within TR.

These sample lots were individually split and 1kg samples taken from each to provide a total of 55 x 1 kg samples. The remaining sample material has been retained and stored for future batch processing through the Company’s sample plant.

The full list of assay results are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Full Assay Results from Clogau Mine

Sample Description

Au Grade


Sample Description

Au Grade




Au Grade




























































































































Note: These samples consisting of 1kg of rock were split into 500-gram lots and sent for assay at the ALS Minerals laboratory in Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland. After preparation, the samples underwent ALS’s code Au-AA15 analytical procedure. The Au-AA15 methodology is accelerated cyanide leach using LeachWELL™ reagent with an AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) finish and is designed to detect gold in the range from 0.01-300 ppm. Where samples exceeded 300 ppm, ME-CON02 was applied.

As can be seen from Table 1 all the samples registered gold values with the results continuing to show the high variability to be expected from this type of material recovered from a high-grade gold mine. Values ranged from 0.13g/t from nominal waste material in the Tyn n Cornel development drive to several values over 300g/t Au from the base of the known stoping areas. The notable high values are easily obtained from the presence of fine particulate gold in samples of this size. Overall, the total sample batch average from each area ranged from 4.4g/t to 125g/t Au. The total average for all 55 samples was 67.3g/t Au (2.2 oz/t).

The next stage of the sampling programme will be determine whether there is correlation between these laboratory assay sample results and the original bulk samples by processing them through the Company’s pilot plant. It is envisaged these bulk samples will be processed and the Wilfley table used to determine the percentage of gold recoverable by simple gravity separation. The results of these mini-bulk sample tests will be used to more accurately assess and correlate the underground sampling programmes with actual bulk gold recoveries.

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The Self Preservation Society – 3/20


Today a video of the alleged Clogau gold mine processing plant surfaced, the rapturous applause of joy came flooding out! There are a few distinct differences that make me believe this propaganda was filmed before the footage i released and this boils down again to weather and climate, The leaves are still on the tree’s!!! having said that it would appear that bulletin board folk or those on twitter who got the golden buzz from witnessing a staining similar to that of an iron oxide or something of the like  it never seems to beggar belief.
Right so we have a testing plant running 40kg with a 2Ton P/h capacity setup on a desk with 2 planks of wood…. ” Really ”
Ok so we have gold in the sluice tray on the matt?… ” Really ” Gold wouldn’t be sat on a smooth sidewall surface as shown in the image below that demonstrates the staining there also…

GMOW Roof image (stain)


Figure A. Shows visual similar stain that water can pass over.

We also see the so called NEW plant looking like it had been created with NEW bits that are made to look old or it’s been well used, again question the RNS announcing the plant purchase. I am scantily aware that people need taking by the hand and whilst i predicted the company would come out swinging I didn’t quite anticipate this although the GMOW recipient and indirect major shareholder did suggest that he had some pictures and images. I wonder if these are them?
Ok lets look at the bulge or bubble on the matt, gold would sit around the edges not on the peak of the raised bulge, golds a heavy metal compared to quartz… ” I think around 5 times plus ” which suggests to me that not only what the eyes see are not rich fragments of gold but something else, we know the kits been patched together and also the likelihood of ever doing more than my grannies hand bag weight through it would cause distress to the blocks of wood or the table its setup on.


saturation inhanced GOLD


Figure B. The bulge or peak would not hold the gold, look at the staining on side wall 

The angle looks wrong, the sluice box/tray looks to small and other than a nugget thrown into the green bin at the end to keep the dopey P.I foaming at the mouth the whole thing just does not feel right to me.
Why? well quite simply I refer back to a report released by an independent specialist employed by the Clogau brigade which flagged up that grab sampling (Yes grab) would not be a recommended or suitable barometer for the mines value. I bet my bollocks that the stupid samples reported showing pirate ship figures would be laughed at by any serious geologist which is why I have now referred my fears to exactly that….
A credible geologist… Stay tuned for the next update.


GRAB DOMINY Screen shot


Figure C. In an independent report the use of ”grab sampling was deemed poor and the effectiveness came into question.” 

Here’s the setup so far for the potential extraction of hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold, I suggest the piss is being extracted and nothing more!

Why? they have no license to extract or mine properly, they haven’t got it after 3 years. I suggest those of you who are following this as a case study add this to your library….




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One Of Stellar’s Royal Performances 2/20

As investors start to question whether i’m a sadistic fool who’s paid to deramp or bash there darling investments ” agenda driven ” and only with one common outcome ” to shaft genuine investors ” I’ll make this statement once again:

I have NO position long or short in Stellar Resources, nor do I intend on initiating a position, my friends don’t hold positions (That I’m aware of) and finally I’m not being remunerated. I do not want to save you nor do I want to harm you, I simply believe that the company has a lot to answer too, I also believe that this is a good case study for genuine P.I’s who want to learn how,what and why things react as they do in this game. I do believe the SP will go up at some point as the company will come out swinging when they need to raise cash or sell their next big steps….

For now lets look at some of what they (GMOW) claimed they would do:

STG Extraction 2011

” We currently estimate that planning will be submitted to acquire and extraction license in the 3rd Quarter of 2011 ”

DL STG Drilling update

Diamond drilling, project feasibility and ultimately mining. Drilling is estimated to start 1st quarter of 2012 – We know they have been grab sampling but how ineffective is that?

In our next short piece we will look at the industry standard,reports and also the advisories of which are surely a consideration.

Mike Povey is the GM for GMOW and was with Range resources however he did not complete the deal with Conboy, this was completed with Peter Landau, needless to say I think DC & PL have enough skeletons in there closet not to focus on it to deeply. For the record Mike Left in 2008 (Oct) in good shape compared to pistol Pete’s legacy. I believe the company had to release a few regulatory announcements correcting media reports (Re: RRL RNS) whilst this bare’s no material difference to STG it does beg the question of ” past bumpy rides ” the above are extracts of facts released by the companies in question.

An old analogy goes there is no smoke without fire or let the testament of time do the talking.

3 years, no extraction, little reaction resulting in SP loss & Board abandonment.

GMOW office

Ever wondered where the great GMOW operate from??? Look above folks….

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Range Resources – WTF!

After a chat with range resources phone clerk who by her own admission takes care of the IR of the company as well as the acting receptionist it wasn’t to hard to see why the company will always be an easy target, the company appears to hold no desire to once and for all extinguish negative speculation over its practices. I asked to speak with Rory (or as BMD refers to him as jackanories stories Rory) however this was to no avail as the CEO does not speak with shareholders/bloggers/writers or market commentators or at least not to mere chicken feed P.I’s ” I wonder why that is? ”

This company has passed out their own legal threats when coming under attack yet they never follow through with their threats which is quite simply a great advocate of how much they value their own word. I mean come on this story is a complete and utter car crash with investors losing their shirts twice over, rather than slip away with the other 600 aim companies that were built on piss and wind they insist of squeezing each and every drop out of the market.
The IR clerk went onto to tell me that the shareprophets are hardly a credible source! I reminded her that i was completely free and without ties to anyone other than myself although she shouldn’t be so quick to run down a publication that has done more in the way of reporting the truth behind the RRL debacle than the paid for version peddled into the public domain.
It seems plenty of water has passed under the bridge from the Georgia / Puntland excitement although the more recent shocker came by way of sending a loan on a one way journey down under to a company chaired by Tony Sage whose offices were reportedly raided by federal police in the first half of 2013 which begs the question what the fuck were range resources thinking sending millions of dollars to International Petroleum with such uncertainty ensuing.
The moonwalk effect came first from ranges front man Pete Landau who in early Feb 2014 stepped aside as his International Petroleum counterpart mirrored the move within weeks, I mean is this really a great little company moving in the right direction or a bunch of wankers hell bent on dipping you like a good Slovak operating the streets of London. One has to ask why the forums fail to mention any of the negatives but a simple analogy is   
” The mystery of the lyubov orlova ”
I have been alerted to things getting a whole lot worse for range as the arsenal of evidence against the company is brewing in the background…
Avoid them until their is a credible explanation for each and every inconsistency!
We may just see the 601 code…
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MX Oil – The Start Of The Cycle


MX Oil formerly Astar Minerals has caught many out by surprise, an air of mystery surrounds the small,driven and highly pragmatic team which is reflected perfectly in the shareprice.

Junior Oil & Gas E&P are in a hot place right now and whilst I accept their initial raise won’t keep them from the table forever I do anticipate a stronger flavor from the CEO’s labour overseas. I’ll be catching up with the team again soon after they have forged a deal strong enough to repel any misunderstanding in the direction MX Oil are heading…

The CEO journeymen has spent 4 months flying transcontinental with his U.S and Mexico visits, he irons some clarity into the proposed developments and acquisitions ahead. Some may have doubted the ability of the two under 40’s however this confirms that ambition, desire and hard work pays, the shares trade at 200% premium from my initial coverage and whilst some may suggest ” you can get a better bang for you buck elsewhere ” I’d consider the modest market cap to the onset of news.

Pena Nieto, who has already scored successes in education, property, finance and telecommunications reform, says the energy reform will modernize Pemex and boost oil production, which fell dramatically in the last decade.
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UK Oil & Gas


UK Oil & Gas hold a number of onshore UK assets, recently the company confirmed decent results from Lidsey, we anticipate even greater results next time however moving on quickly its been brought to my attention that the company are on the cusp of an M&A drive not only with one company but two. I shan’t speculate to heavily as Mr X has once again put his neck out for his old pals, Integrity and trust is a rare commodity within the LSE yet Mr X and I have a healthy mutual respect.

We believe that UKOG will announce the acquisition of other hot UK assets from company A.) whilst accelerating the equity interests in company B.) things should start to get going any minute however by the end of the month we will have had a few pieces of news in relation to the speculation laid down here today and also the much anticipated spud at Horse Hill. 
We promise to bring more news as we feel is fit, continuity and responsibility go hand in hand but stay tuned for assets coming in and the rig landing at HH pretty soon. Please remember it was SMVP group member that brought the Trp and Lgo placings well in advance. 
Stay tuned folks…..
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