The Self Preservation Society – 3/20


Today a video of the alleged Clogau gold mine processing plant surfaced, the rapturous applause of joy came flooding out! There are a few distinct differences that make me believe this propaganda was filmed before the footage i released and this boils down again to weather and climate, The leaves are still on the tree’s!!! having said that it would appear that bulletin board folk or those on twitter who got the golden buzz from witnessing a staining similar to that of an iron oxide or something of the like  it never seems to beggar belief.
Right so we have a testing plant running 40kg with a 2Ton P/h capacity setup on a desk with 2 planks of wood…. ” Really ”
Ok so we have gold in the sluice tray on the matt?… ” Really ” Gold wouldn’t be sat on a smooth sidewall surface as shown in the image below that demonstrates the staining there also…

GMOW Roof image (stain)


Figure A. Shows visual similar stain that water can pass over.

We also see the so called NEW plant looking like it had been created with NEW bits that are made to look old or it’s been well used, again question the RNS announcing the plant purchase. I am scantily aware that people need taking by the hand and whilst i predicted the company would come out swinging I didn’t quite anticipate this although the GMOW recipient and indirect major shareholder did suggest that he had some pictures and images. I wonder if these are them?
Ok lets look at the bulge or bubble on the matt, gold would sit around the edges not on the peak of the raised bulge, golds a heavy metal compared to quartz… ” I think around 5 times plus ” which suggests to me that not only what the eyes see are not rich fragments of gold but something else, we know the kits been patched together and also the likelihood of ever doing more than my grannies hand bag weight through it would cause distress to the blocks of wood or the table its setup on.


saturation inhanced GOLD


Figure B. The bulge or peak would not hold the gold, look at the staining on side wall 

The angle looks wrong, the sluice box/tray looks to small and other than a nugget thrown into the green bin at the end to keep the dopey P.I foaming at the mouth the whole thing just does not feel right to me.
Why? well quite simply I refer back to a report released by an independent specialist employed by the Clogau brigade which flagged up that grab sampling (Yes grab) would not be a recommended or suitable barometer for the mines value. I bet my bollocks that the stupid samples reported showing pirate ship figures would be laughed at by any serious geologist which is why I have now referred my fears to exactly that….
A credible geologist… Stay tuned for the next update.


GRAB DOMINY Screen shot


Figure C. In an independent report the use of ”grab sampling was deemed poor and the effectiveness came into question.” 

Here’s the setup so far for the potential extraction of hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold, I suggest the piss is being extracted and nothing more!

Why? they have no license to extract or mine properly, they haven’t got it after 3 years. I suggest those of you who are following this as a case study add this to your library….




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