MX Oil – The Start Of The Cycle


MX Oil formerly Astar Minerals has caught many out by surprise, an air of mystery surrounds the small,driven and highly pragmatic team which is reflected perfectly in the shareprice.

Junior Oil & Gas E&P are in a hot place right now and whilst I accept their initial raise won’t keep them from the table forever I do anticipate a stronger flavor from the CEO’s labour overseas. I’ll be catching up with the team again soon after they have forged a deal strong enough to repel any misunderstanding in the direction MX Oil are heading…

The CEO journeymen has spent 4 months flying transcontinental with his U.S and Mexico visits, he irons some clarity into the proposed developments and acquisitions ahead. Some may have doubted the ability of the two under 40’s however this confirms that ambition, desire and hard work pays, the shares trade at 200% premium from my initial coverage and whilst some may suggest ” you can get a better bang for you buck elsewhere ” I’d consider the modest market cap to the onset of news.

Pena Nieto, who has already scored successes in education, property, finance and telecommunications reform, says the energy reform will modernize Pemex and boost oil production, which fell dramatically in the last decade.
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