Range Resources – WTF!

After a chat with range resources phone clerk who by her own admission takes care of the IR of the company as well as the acting receptionist it wasn’t to hard to see why the company will always be an easy target, the company appears to hold no desire to once and for all extinguish negative speculation over its practices. I asked to speak with Rory (or as BMD refers to him as jackanories stories Rory) however this was to no avail as the CEO does not speak with shareholders/bloggers/writers or market commentators or at least not to mere chicken feed P.I’s ” I wonder why that is? ”

This company has passed out their own legal threats when coming under attack yet they never follow through with their threats which is quite simply a great advocate of how much they value their own word. I mean come on this story is a complete and utter car crash with investors losing their shirts twice over, rather than slip away with the other 600 aim companies that were built on piss and wind they insist of squeezing each and every drop out of the market.
The IR clerk went onto to tell me that the shareprophets are hardly a credible source! I reminded her that i was completely free and without ties to anyone other than myself although she shouldn’t be so quick to run down a publication that has done more in the way of reporting the truth behind the RRL debacle than the paid for version peddled into the public domain.
It seems plenty of water has passed under the bridge from the Georgia / Puntland excitement although the more recent shocker came by way of sending a loan on a one way journey down under to a company chaired by Tony Sage whose offices were reportedly raided by federal police in the first half of 2013 which begs the question what the fuck were range resources thinking sending millions of dollars to International Petroleum with such uncertainty ensuing.
The moonwalk effect came first from ranges front man Pete Landau who in early Feb 2014 stepped aside as his International Petroleum counterpart mirrored the move within weeks, I mean is this really a great little company moving in the right direction or a bunch of wankers hell bent on dipping you like a good Slovak operating the streets of London. One has to ask why the forums fail to mention any of the negatives but a simple analogy is   
” The mystery of the lyubov orlova ”
I have been alerted to things getting a whole lot worse for range as the arsenal of evidence against the company is brewing in the background…
Avoid them until their is a credible explanation for each and every inconsistency!
We may just see the 601 code…
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