UK Oil & Gas


UK Oil & Gas hold a number of onshore UK assets, recently the company confirmed decent results from Lidsey, we anticipate even greater results next time however moving on quickly its been brought to my attention that the company are on the cusp of an M&A drive not only with one company but two. I shan’t speculate to heavily as Mr X has once again put his neck out for his old pals, Integrity and trust is a rare commodity within the LSE yet Mr X and I have a healthy mutual respect.

We believe that UKOG will announce the acquisition of other hot UK assets from company A.) whilst accelerating the equity interests in company B.) things should start to get going any minute however by the end of the month we will have had a few pieces of news in relation to the speculation laid down here today and also the much anticipated spud at Horse Hill. 
We promise to bring more news as we feel is fit, continuity and responsibility go hand in hand but stay tuned for assets coming in and the rig landing at HH pretty soon. Please remember it was SMVP group member that brought the Trp and Lgo placings well in advance. 
Stay tuned folks…..
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