Paul Scott – ” Shock Jockey or Bellend ”


Yesterday morning I went about my business before stumbling across a tweet by Paul Scott or @paulypilot often i read the odd comment which appears to be a weak form of sprucing up a pretty dull character. The kind of comments I refer to follow this line although not exactly word for word as i canny be arsed reading the crap to be truthful but he proclaimed:


Just published an article – Only 2000 reads ” I wonder why I bother ” (cough ” ego ”)

Then there was Claridges! A lady was asked to cover her exposed breast so’s not to offend customers, of course this was not enough for Dull Pol he reeled with disgust at a lady feeding her hungry child.

Yesterday morning, ” Surely calling somebody colored is better (kinder than black) ”

(Talk about being out of touch Mr Smallcapper, this comment in itself is simply stupid as it shows a lack of understanding or the failure to accept different sorts)

As I say, i’m not sure if these comments are designed just to try and throw abit of life into a very dull individual or worse uses controversy to gain attention. Up North we refer to such folk as ” Shock jockeys ” or more so in my regional dialect ” A complete bellend ” Either ignorance explains such a disconnect or it’s the sadder and more worrying, monomaniac manner he comments.


Well as all good egotistical maniacs dull Paul can sleep soundly knowing that he will only ever engage with folk that appreciate his commenting on the stock markets whilst suffering the knobstick’s flannel as a bi-product of such attention seeking.


I understand the exact irony of this piece but feel compelled to share such opinionated waffle with you all.






* I guess it’s gypsies, gays and scousers you’ll opine your pitiful views over in the future


(Disclaimer, I have no interest in grammatical terrorists trying to find a pitiful excuse to comment, but feel free to try and curry favor with dull pol as your may wish)




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