When Lithium & Oil Collide… ” The Day The RNS Broke ”

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Now lets get a few things straight without cutting it up and making a choo choo train, people within this twisted, corrupt and very fickle world have tried to bribe,bully,threaten and discredit me for doing nothing more than give decent and honest people a few matter of facts about the way tier 3 aim companies operate.

So in typical ” I don’t give a toss style I give you the proof, what an utter wank stick my old chum Dave is ” Oh and by the way you looked a cunt in that stupid hat. I imagine non of your paid for buddies would be so honest with you, and to be fair i thought Tom took the piss in his Blackpool kiss me quick hat from the Quindell AGM but you beat him hands down.

When we think we have heard it all from my old Spar Big Dave (Lenigas) I watched the LGO and REM placings go off which triggered my tiny brain to think back 10 days….(Yawn)

Now what happened 10 days ago? (Ping) Arrgh that’s right, Lenigas tried to befriend me yet again, and by doing so he tried through his softer side to win me around with what appears (dishonest) misleading statements.

I have retained the original with IP to demonstrate the legitimacy Before any bozo tries to call me out on this not being legit so I’ll say one thing – ” Feel free to impeach ”

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I hold no position in either company and have not for a very long time.

#UKOG on the other hand by JR’s Admission is going to be a cracker, so take the advice by getting ahead of the crowd rather than being fed to the pension fund lion who’s apply named (Bollocks – allegedly)


* Anyone who is easily offended should not read this – thankyou

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