Time To Book Up and Show up – UK Investor Show 2014

Hey Folks,

A gentle reminder that the UK Investor show 2014 takes place on the 5th April, apparently I’m featuring via an informal chat on, ” How to make money in the markets ” which was the instruction from boss hog – Tom Winnifrith

Personally I’d like to call it ” How not to lose money and blow up your account ”

staying in the game long enough to apply your new found skills and understanding has to be the order of the day,  highlighting the shows real rock solid strength in all area’s as Tom Winnifrith showcases the event compared by Louise Noel or the vast array of quality speakers such as:

Nigel Wray

Mark Slater

Lucian Miers

Clem Chambers

Evil Knievel

Dominic Frisby or infact any of the 40+ experts presenting at the Queen Elizabeth Confrence centre on April 5th.

The UKI welcomes 80+ listed companies to the event which gives not only a headline of speakers from the length and breadth of the LSE but an access all area’s insight into the markets mechanics.

settle in for the shows oilers lunch, feeding the bears or trading which are three of the many sessions coming together at the Q.E Conference centre. Please drop by and say hi or sit in on an informal interactive chat on ” How to beat the market ” presented in a typically layman format. ( I mean we are all unsophisticated North of watford )

I Look forward to seeing you at the UK’s No.1 Investor Show


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