The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz

Good Afternoon stock pickers,

In the wake of another poor week I find myself highlighting a discrepancy in some of the media released by a certain spread betting publication (mag)

Clearly there is a battle of wills between one a market powerhouse and the other a legend in his own mind however urge readers/investors and subscribers to make up their own minds on this occasion.

Over the last few weeks an indecorous exchange has taken place between commentry sites, I shan’t make any reference to names other than Dick and Dom but have to say the whole affair is somewhat bitter. I draw your attention to the who’s speaking and who’s not tug of war at one of the UK’s biggest investors shows. ” I mean with all the ego’s and pigeon chested folk chirping need I remind them – I’m attending ”

So the betting publication claims some names have withdrawn and on the contrary JNF press release this morning suggests that someone is talking with folk tongue as my 5th generation gran ma ma would say in her siouan mother tongue ” Somebody’s pissed on whiskey ” or atleast thats what gran pa pa would say.

The press releases,The he said she said debacle! – facts are from my own unsophisticated research coupled with a little while running with these guys I find only one who appears convoluted in all he does.

Like a grade A attack dog the author directs a tirade towards JNF performance or the integrity of its ex-editor, its old sparring partner or infact anyone who dare raise their head above the parapet I say one thing ” Shame on you ”

I share no defining opinion or fact, merely a broadly unique SMVP publication to those who follow and read. ” The dog with the shit on his nose is usually the one that ate it ” Now Dick give it a rest its old hat.

(Names in this publication were changed to conceal the identities of the shameful perpetrators however its not rocket science)

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