Keeping Ontop Of The Game

During the start of 2014 we are now seeing a major shift in the sentiment towards the markets in particular the small cap sector (Errrr…) we here at SMVP have been one of a few commentating sites actually well ahead of the news curve in forecasting this.


The Audio blog has been going well, please let me thankyou for sharing and promoting the Smvp website and the DLC #Dlc – Please continue to share and promote the site if it resonates with you.


I have summed my thoughts of the week here with some smallcap review….

“Friday had a poor reading on job growth which was well out and below expectation
however the hydrostatic shock of the news recovered pretty darn quick covering
the tracks of what could have been deemed bad news. Another example of why/how
the bulls are taking the markets further and further which falls inline with
consecutive and incessant projections of how 2014″ would play out…






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