African Potash

AFPO has been a company I covered back In Nov13 when the SP took off from 2.375p up, I called the sell near the top at 4.4p (Which didn’t go down well) however this was the right call for a number of reasons. Is this the start of the next revolution in the cycle?
1.) Locking in gains never sends you bust
2.) The time this happened was very quick
3.) Further DD needed to be done to satisfy the crazy shouts on forums
Based on a few simple principles I took a step back but with a bullish flag in the charts today I revisited AFPO. Whilst its early days the downside is 2.35p v up to 5p so on a risk reward basis it looks to hold good value. I formed an audio and published an artical on please find this below:
DLC 10/12 African Potash’ by Doc Hol on #AFPO #SoundCloud?
Have you heard ‘Afpo Update’ by Doc Hol on #SoundCloud?
I hope it works out yet again to improve on the 84% gain in 6 days the last time… Remember protect your capital and treat all and everything with contempt until proven otherwise.
Good luck and I hope your all adding a little to the enjoyment fund.
* To quote the CEO and confirming my own thoughts ” No intention to dilute at this price with fundraising ” I hope this silences the critics
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