DocsLaymanChatter – Audio

Todays DLC comes in audio format which can be heard here:

This weeks productions below

DLC 17/11 Ecr,Pog,dor,bhr,atc,fxpo

DLC L-2 (Trade)

DLC 12/11 Gold,Aaz,Gcm,Sphr and Ggp

DLC Fjet,Afpo and Mtv

DLC O&G Ecr & co

DLC – 15/11 Fjet,Blvn,Sar,Sou,Ecr

DLC Forum Mentality

DLC 30-10-13 Cnel,Lrl,Blvn

DLC – Placing/Funding agreements

DLC – 1-11-13 Sar,Lek And Mining

If you can’t sign in copy & paste DLC —etc—- into the search browser on sound cloud or follow the link to the top right -> named DLC audio (Sound Cloud)

The audio is by request and hosts a few personal thoughts on the markets, a little about the sober/grounded view I hold.

This as so far been quite a success and works for me, although this is not to say it will for others. After 30,000 views of the page/s I give the next step in rounding up thoughts whilst freeing up time to write in a more comprehensive manner over at the prophets or Ofst-Advfn etc.

Many thanks


* Note: (DLC numbers have picked up significantly – Thanks to you) This weeks updates are above or follow the link and move around the blog, feel free to download the audios and please share/use as much as possible

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