DocsLaymanChatter Vol XII

Good morning folks,


So the markets have dealt another few weeks of confusion during October! ” This is no surprise ” believe it or not the DLC readers will have picked up on the recent volatility as  when, opposed to if…


The rain of bearish media encircled the global markets with the debt ceiling debacle or the gold price collapsing, reality is the circle of life never grinds to a halt nor does it miss a tranche when revealing its next directive…


The pull to invest in the red hot stocks of the day are always there for P.I’s but the reality is this move is orchestrated by investor groups/the MM/city slickers, This point was highlighted recently by fellow writers and bloggers, which really should be a consideration before buying for all retail investors shareholders. ” Keep safe and stay disciplined…


This week I covered Sphere Medical here and also Westminster group here both are very interesting companies and both on the cusp of delivering some decent upside activity and news. Before running to your account and taking an all in exposure then please consider as with all smallcap companies what effect delays or failure to deliver expectation may have! ” A sober view never hurts when feeling excited and in both cases I feel this is a balanced opinion on two possibly excellent performers going into 2014 ”


A big and final round of applause to Daniel and Tom for exposing Sefton resources for their disgraceful conduct in the aim market. Big Jim and the gang really have taken the michael out of shareholders and although my buddy Tom wishes the company well moving forward I personally do not hold the same sentiment. They have been out and out liabilities to genuine investors and abit like horse shit ” No matter how much perfume you decant over the pile of turd the smell is merely masked ” I feel that SER is masking an old shit with potentially a new one ” – How much credence can one give to such a story! FUNDRAISE COMING (don’t get burnt – avoid)


I will be rounding up companies of interest in more detail over on the DLC blog here:



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