Market Chatter (19th Sept) ” A pretty ordinary day ”


The truth is the transition in life from one’s hope to a semi conscious completion of your dream is generally the catalyst to what makes you the person you are today. I have thought a little since my meeting with a fellow northern lad this week and hope these two quotes help all readers understand my minds eye as it is ” Now ”

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” 

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

– Mr S. Hawking

Today’s SMVP is hopefully a transfusion of thought which will accompany the market mechanics discussed in many of the DLC and SMVP blog posts. We don’t operate in a fair,honest decent place (the markets) and logic has very little meaning when making choice or decision. We have to quantify what we really know, thus looking for a robust method to implement in order to make the greater change in our investment portfolio.


Forget the myth that the company will be upfront and honest or that the brokers new flash note is anything more than a bunch of general analysts cutting there teeth on ” A subject and market they probably hate as much as all those that lose on it ”


If this resonates then we are now entertaining the change of animal instinct one needs to create there best effort approach into early success. I personally sat pigeon chested last week as the obvious Fjet TA call which jumped out at me resulting in 100% gain in a couple of sessions. This week I looked at the SXX bear raid from the city slickers and thought ” Nope ” so fired out my rebound oversold call at 9.25p as Lucian miers reinforced the short sell note.


Reality is I don’t like SXX but I could see a rebound which had the potential of 10-15% in a weak room or a 50%  in a strong! My guess is metals and miners are having all the fun so now watch closely on the outcome. The point being the call can seem right and start to play out correctly although the great influences of the global markets (Fed/Tapering) can swing the winds direction in a jiffy.


When drawing your ideal picture to represent your investment/trade hard labours please think about the analogy of life shared by others


Back to the usual calls on stocks in the next chapter but for all the cretins out there lets look as a few here: Thr,Sou,Vog,Bmz,Sxx and Gkp ” There will plenty of reason to discuss these over the coming quarter ”


Adios and goodnight.





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