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Good afternoon,

As I go into my final day on Monday of Doc v Mining Maven Via Shareprophets I want to highlight a few points on Nostra Terra.

I have seen many cases in the past of companies being played like fiddles by the company itself and on the contrary many companies being played or stuffed by the markets or collective entrepreneurial groups. Most remember me from the unwavering confidence in a decent upside in PRS from 0.30p (It hit 0.87p) Or the questioning of US Oil and Gas, Or perhaps some of the other occasions where the horns become locked…

This week Harry (Twitter comedian) has been beraiting me as he demands I tell investors not only when to BUY but when to SELL… ” Yes that’s right he needs instruction ” I guess he needs a managed account but the pittance it returns does not fulfill his personal greed thus looks to play the roulette of the markets with all chambers full and still remains confused as to why he pulls the trigger the gun goes off.

Let me keep this clear and quick as I have not intention of interacting anymore with complete dickheads. I have given clear entry/exit prices just as I have highlighted you should buy into weakness etc. I have been one of only a few advocating the gold rebound at $1100 or the cyclical trend in the smallcap sector.

Whilst speculators and bears bash gold I still remain relatively bullish…

We unfortunately always have to as individuals put up with buffoons and today I raise the subject to give Harry his five minutes of fame and also to offer opinion on Nostra Terra as I see it is being targeted by some lame players. NO I don’t see 0.32p nor do I worry as I buy in tranches up and down in order to give leverage from the weakest of performing stocks.

For this reason I’m sticking my neck out – ” I will be buying into Ntog and backing the long-suffering shareholders and CEO who I rate ” The worm will turn at which point I’ll de- risk my capital exposure but I’m in.

P.I have missed significant changes which has not been written/priced into the share price. Multibag potential

Call me stupid but ” I’ve done this plenty of times in the public ” Lets wait and see folks ”




(Moron chat added five more followers thankyou and good day)

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