Trend/Market Review

             Cyclical Trends

Cyclical trends or the cycle/period and the fashions of the markets/trend of its time, We here at SMVP have been talking about this for sometime with the recent 10 trading sessions outlining the leading signs of a bullish sector with the risk on alert now thrust into the retail eye.

We appear to be in the pivotal period of Red to orange (Above) which again suggest the emergency market (Austere) Is shaping to becoming the recovery market. A good barometer is the recent runs on a number of small cap companies, The key to success whilst trying to capitalize now is to move the money if you see clear openings and to maintain a sober view on all sub £250m market cap companies until we have lagging (Confirmation) of the bigger picture! In which case you should then look to secure solid plays in your P/f and let the waters of the lock flow in.

In typical SMVP style ” We look to trade the runs however hold a scant regard to dreams Fantasies whilst we look for potential solid holds should the risk on confirmation come ”

After a great chat with GaryN last week here I caught up with Taters an old buddy and comrade of mine from my days as a forum loon and complete twat wasting time arguing with uneducated,misinformed and outright hopeless soles…. Enough of Taters and back to the point. Barry (Tats) and I met a few years ago (Great salt of the earth guy) we discussed the markets but primarily soaked up bacardi like a pair of old sailors! Whilst Steve J blathered into his 10th pint.

On this occasion we really didn’t have any further understanding of each others strategy however I quickly identified a genuine pair of fellow investors. Steve with his hold strategy and Baz with his BOSC approach (Balls of steel), Neither resonated with me as I’m a little more calculating but with a few rounds at the local clayground with a great instructor we hot tailed back to chuckle HQ and set to work on getting Taters off the ground with some basic TA.

Wow its been like a duck to water for the old sea dog as he has become something of a retail enigma still trawling the forums sharing the great experience. None more so than the 0.10p call on Ecr and the sell/derisk on his position leaving no capital exposure and a 75%+ position open. ” Is this the same guy from 2 years ago? ” Well i guess he still can’t hold his ale but trade calls are becoming a regular feature. I lose where the forum circus is upto these days as I find it as much a danger than a help but recommend GaryN and Taters as the key to genuine interaction.

Without adding to taters  big headed cry ” Pop back over and I’ll teach you more than shooting clays squire ” I’ll end it there with one word – Incredible

This week I wrote about Black Mountain (BMZ) which in my opinion is on the cusp of rising times with a forthcoming production (Silver) announcement.

I covered Tomco Energy and Sefton resources, One as the comedy stock on aim and the other as a unique shale play.

We are seeing a gulfstream in precious metals with many small cap stocks lifting, mainly gold with little credence given to silver which has preformed very favourably ” watch this space ” and of course none precious miners have been rising like a salmon.

Things seem to be much friendly on the western front as the bears make peace with the bulls on the front line allowing the bulls to take an inch or two before the next major battle, Which in my opinion will be a last bear pull (weak) and into a full-scale bull run.

Enjoy the long weekend.


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