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Doc speaks to GaryN

Recently I hit up a few of my longterm contacts to discuss the markets and the sophisticated and unsophisticated methods private investors turn to in order to carve out a shilling, I caught up with forum favourite and all round savvy investor/trader GaryN.

We chatted about the usual subject of undervalued companies aswell as discussing stocks both he and I liked/disliked, ”Always seems easier and quicker to highlight the companies we are tuned into however the contrast can be something of a longer affair ”

Those that know me no i could chew the ear of a donkey! I guess some would say they would rather listen to a donkey however needless to say the chat ended with the universal story of the collective choir belting out the low grade hymn  ” To pump and dump ”

Recently I confronted a group which i was sure were partaking or at least privy to this kind of gameplay (Radixx – Umar Sadaat and co.) Whilst I cast no judgement or aspersions I’ll say this: ” The group operated on FB and when confronted banned a bunch of people they thought may or may not know me ” Talk about a sign of guilt…

I rarely use the site these days and often link my twitter feed through it.  FB as with bulletin boards have become nothing more than a extension of one another when used for investment/trade based discussion, Some are honest and decent and others are deluded,misguided,poorly informed or just a desperate fraud who congregate as charlatans or door to door sales….

I’m pleased to say our chat gave birth to this excellent article by Gary published here at my resident site

SMVP as a blog is interactive and whilst I cannot promise to cover or hear all the comments straight away, I endeavour to answer them all as quick as possible.



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