This weeks review of the markets

In the wake of choppy waters we look back at this weeks action in brief and validate thoughts shared both here and DLC. For most of 2013 I have been discussing on my twitter feed and old FB page the lack luster value in SXX! This week some of the fears have been felt.

Sirius’s: finger in the hole type approach had to come to an end sooner and whilst the retail are feeling the pain i suspect at 9-13p they start to present some potential and worth for the more savvy looking to enter.

Silvermere Energy: announced that the Bod are gone, Its assets divested and its no longer a O&G company: ” Again this is something we have been speaking about on SMVP/DLC and twitter ” The company have disappointed its investors and I advise P.I’s to look at the broker coverage given suggesting 60p Buy rate.

Stick that company in the memory bank and remember the markets are not fair and the analysts are somewhat biased to the people paying them…


Paternoster Resource: Whilst i have supported the company in the past i did tweet a few days ago that the Nav and SP had aligned, Thus the value had been reached.

Regardless of hopeful/less dreams the reality of value has to resonate, There is no room for fantasy if your to remain profitable! ” Otherwise we join the 95% of investor/traders that lose.


 Nostra Terra: I covered Ntog recently via the website (Link in the right hand column) I believe the company offer a good value binary bet at the current level, Matt seems to have avoided a huge iceberg in 2009 and whilst the company has stronger foundations now than when it previously traded in excess of 1p the market is unconvinced – My thoughts ” Add sensible amount of risk to your P/f ready for the bull run ”


Scancell Holding: The company really has shown shareholders the highs and lows of investing recently, My thoughts remain unchanged ” The company was overcooked in its drop and perhaps trading a tad to high ” The result was a great entry and hold as the company look to position asset sales late 2013 early 2014.


Sound Oil: Today the company announced that Nevesa testing/results would take place in late August which would reveal its commercial value….. (take note)

Although I’m unconvinced Sou will hit the maximum 147 of its possible $62m of gas. I do believe the well will underpin future developments. James in my opinion is conveying the right message, achieving goals and targets set.

Nervesa is the real milestone for Sound oil which should present a real investment case for those hanging in the sidelines ( tipped Buy @ 7.875p)


Global Petroleum: Under preforming bod seem trapped between holding a stack of cash and adding to its current asset base. The company have $22m (Aus) in the bank at 5.2p the company offers a huge upside against a limited downside.


Westminister Wsg: From 37p back to 43p the company’s trading range looks well intact, Should Wsg announce some of the rumored/speculated bumper contracts then expect the rabbit out of the trap with the hounds in hot pursuit.


Red rock resource (RRR): Lifted of the bottom like a salmon in spawning season however the speculators buying in on edison valuation of 2.77p+ want there heads testing.

1st This is paid research and a marketing tool.

2nd It seems to discount historical sentiment/performance and debt.

I am certainly not discrediting the company I just feel this is somewhat complex for the newbie, which could present a higher risk than some anticipate.


ECR Minerals: Appear on the surface to be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s as it gets its house keeping in order! This has forums awash with pure speculation…

I believe the groundwork in this recovery play is well underway but by no means a gimme, The excitement of bulletin boards can sometime over shadow the genuine hard work done here.

” The salary,bonus and expense scheme is now in order. As is the loan agreements which have held the company by the scruff of the neck ” Now we watch its next move.


All in all folks the markets are making the noise of a more solid change of trend, This is something that SMVP & DLC have been talking about as the final bear raids come in weaker and weaker the early bird trade/investor enters before the official risk on call.


Have a great weekend




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