Weekly Overview And Roundup

Hey folks,

As we look to round up the bigger picture of what is happening under the surface I draw attention to todays news which caused the gold wobble…

The united states are doing better than expected! I read in the tabloids ” Uk house prices set to rise again ” and the banks are making bumper profits against the backdrop of the bailout…

What does this say to you? Where are all the bearish remarks? who was alluding to the change that’s in play as we speak?

SMVP has been talking of the approach that the markets and the outside world take in order to pass off the story they want at the time to support heavy corporation positions. This is nothing more than a game or more seriously a Mexican standoff.

It has been like this along time and will not change no matter how hard you try and swim into the current, My advice is look for solid, revenue making, reliable companies looking to add value to the upside with a sensible strategy. ” The result will be a start to the bullrun like rises that can flip your P/f on its head ”

This week I covered NTOG,KAZ and BHR 3 very different stocks but each with there own potential You can find as always the link in the right hand column to http://www.shareporphets.com or DLC my homepage blog.


Links provided here:




Have a great weekend Kitty Kats

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