Patagonia Gold – Punt or Front?

— Wednesday 17 July 2013

The Patagonia Gold (PGD) story is not an unusual one in the small cap gold mining sector, however with some mild relief coming from the near $1300 oz price gold stocks have had a minor lift so far. With Patagonia there could be a lot more to come.

Patagonia is something of a mystery to the broker that repeatedly reiterates its 70p target price. In my humble opinion ( I am not a City broker) the company has performed dreadfully over the past 12 months with the delisting from the TSX, a stagnant market in juniors, the weaker gold price and the grotesque repricing of options by directors all playing their part.

That options repricing is a total disgrace and exercise in naked greed by a porcine board as you can read here:

So why my interest?

Find out here:

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