Today At The Markets

Good Afternoon to everyone not losing their heads in what has been another day of entertaining enjoyment.

China Announce second successive contraction and the Fed news has gone down like Monica Lewinsky, However the FTSE, DJi and Asia have been having a right old run which has dragged the money over to the Major exchanges for some simple scalping should you have the correlation between company and market reaction.

Lloyd’s are rumored to be back on track! (For how long I ask) with RBS clearly collecting all the booby prize’s, Gkp announce greater losses although appear an enigma to technical analysts like @Zak Mir.

Gold stocks have followed the FTSE and the savvy hold cash looking for the equities bounce ” Dead cat or rebound ” Medusa Mining somewhat of a classic case of a golden egg wrapped in a turbulent turd. I have actually started to put my money where my mouth has been with regards to (Mml:Ln)

Forum morons waste more time focusing on their over leveraged positions bickering over the days action rather than focusing on reality in what is actually driving the SP of their said golden goose.

Aim smallcaps show how horrible it is trying to raise cash by jumping out of the frying ban and into the oven. Cash and tangible value has to be identified as the markets correct. There has been a rebound from any sub 6150pt trading today but surely the end is nigh to the ridiculous and unvalidated highs we have been seeing.

Fear has been struck into the markets once again and Friday often a sellers day may become a shorters paradise, However the bounce off the FTSE 200Dsma may turn out to be the savior.

This is the game that we all chose to play and personally I enjoy stepping out of the vacuum and watching the mini tornadoes whipping up private investors

All the best


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