Paternoster Update

Over the weekend and particularly today we have herd news on Bison Energy who are currently at the IPO stage pending Aim listing any time. Paternoseter has been making some noise Re: Bison and today we hear yet more on the company.

Paternoster have made some great deals over the last year which has increased the net asset value (NAV). Over the weekend we see the shareprophets covering the Bison Energy IPO with some great points and sobering thoughts offering clear balance with Bison Energy.

paternosters coup in the QFi buying at 7p or the PLR subscription at 0.25p both offering huge lumps of weight to the company’s P/f value seem to be founding the future of Paternoster, It should be mentioned that Prs has a significant holding in Brady (BRDY) who are currently working a reverse takeover

The exciting news today was the SKY news link here:

”The flotation, which could come as soon as the next few weeks, is being handled by the broking firm WH Ireland, according to City sources.

Bison obtained its name because the seller of the land originally purchased by the company when it was established kept a pet bison in her home.

A previous funding round raised $7.6m for Bison last August, which according to a statement at the time from Paternoster Resources, one of the investors, was used to complete the acquisition of property in Wisconsin, on which deposits of Northern White sand are located.”

Bison Energy are looking for around $40m and the coverage by WH Ireland highlights Bisons potential value here:

”Bison Energy Services plc is a UK headquartered frac sand and water services company with core existing assets in the
United States; Bison consists of a frac sand business in Wisconsin and a water services business with principal assets in
the states of North Dakota and Montana. Bison Energy Services, is the only UK listed dedicated oil & gas services company
in the rapidly growing North American unconventional/fracking sector. Our analysis places Bison Energy Services on a
valuation of between $217m to $412m.”

The company has been tipped here:

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