Are The Markets Imploding?


Morning folks,

What a wonderful day in the north, (About time) So we have GKP closing under 140p with the lines red hot trying to validate  ” Are we seeing a major technical pull back or simply eroding to a suppressed range ” Which may fall in with length of time folk have waited for the fruits of there labour to come to fruition, My thoughts ” I respect Tom and Zak so Investors who don’t consider what they read @ could find its a mistake, Clearly Zak has identified the pull back and the TA wasn’t looking great, GKP are a popular company so with a minor wobble its argued they have the investor/trader base to hold the stock however on any major (Fundamental) change. It is fair to say there won’t be any stopping the bigger players hedging there positions against further bad performance
USOP: What can I say ” Corporate Governance ” To many coincidences and not enough transparency, The fees paid when running a company (That once held a 250m mcap) should at least have the ability to answer shareholders who potentially sit on 90% losses after the bumper speculation from the AGM via the company in 2012, general sentiment is at an all time low, its time they hold there hands up and deliver some substance after 12months of hurt or bleeding fess up!
SLME: 80grand surly are not sinking the I-1 development !on a sniff of a clear vision the markets will whoop and holla…
MTV: Billions of shares in issue and equity/place issues being sprayed about like a randy old fox. Super high risk in a high risk sector with high risk chance of getting little out of them…
SOU: Making progress Re: Rapagnano and Nervesa. Slowly they move into the real meat stages in 2013 with a less volatile SP. ” Can only bode well over the next few months ”
ECR: Under the old regime its been a disaster but under the new strategy of cutting the obscene spend from the wild-cards ” Silver and Co. ” The company seem keen to turn the corner, More to come on this ”
ORE: gold down,smallcaps down,Sentiment Down FEAR sky high ” Sums up why Ore are where they are ” First sign that the company intend to stimulate the market in there last RNS Re: Weather changing and activity to begin ” Summer rebound ”
RRL: So far the company are struggling to hold much of its 10bagger (Of old) and clearly don’t seem on the surface to be offering much value (Clearly). PL however may seem to be a bouncer by appearance! Has turned these companies around so can never say never… Frustrating to genuine investors ” Is it to much to expect something from all the positivity of 2010-2011? ” Oh and promises?
SAR: Sareum Holdings like many BIO’s work at a low geared speed, progress as always is being made although it feels that they are on the cusp of a major uplift or drop to the last years lows this will come through doubt and poor news flow or compund updates ” Eyes on ” one way or the other…

Disconnected thoughts:

The major complaint is the BODs are sucking the life out of company investors by never  meeting any expectation. Retail should wise up and start to rattle the bones of ever lying,cheating toerag at the helm of these companies and cross BOD seats for nothing doing nothing more than a leech

(This is a broad statement and unrelated to the above companies)

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