Answering the critics or cretins

Having been bombarded with tweets from a few lunatics from USOP:gxg I answer my critics briefly with this:

I was banned from a discussion group for questioning USOP on a Usopians group page after an old friend invited me to comment (Mcfish). On making a comment about the company being overvalued massively with a scant regard shown to shareholders and continuing bad PR never mind the further info on group moves on the company from the retail the writing was on the wall. @ £6.50 I’d say I was right to question the value.

Now I have a few confessions I did label Pornix a Moron,Turd,dumb fuck and perhaps one or two other names and this was in relation to this message he sent to me when he was having a tiff with a LSE poster.


P Piccolo ( sender is in your safe list.


19 February 2013 17:58:24


sean benn (

I’m sure you will get much more than a pint, I have no quarrel withyou but I am getting pissed off with your sad little mate tatersthinking he can come on ECR with his “advice” and snide remarks, I amnot stupid as you have probably figured out by now and am well awarethat Griifin & Miss Kitty were significant names or places in DocHollidays history. Rest assured if he keeps on I will slaughter thesad little fuck and the best way is to go after you. That’sunfortunate but remember it was HIM that got you into this in thefirst place NOT ME. I am not someone who wastes time with grudges aslong as I am left to get on with my business in peace. Thanx for thetip connects but I don’t use ’em. I make my own choices and decisionson everything I do, that way I only have myself to blame for mistakesand if the only mistakes I make are with a few shekels I am happy tosay they will not affect my life one iota. Good Luck to you, I am aself made man and will continue to be! NO RESPONSE REQUIRED

This is when I received a disturbing picture of a man (I think) wearing only a stetson graphically suggesting something I care not repeat. SHOCKER or what?

The truth is I have no axe to grind with anyone and any message’s I’ve ever sent are equally matched. I must say that some were serious threats and I informed via twitter (City of London) Authority

I will say that anyone who dare question this bunch of press-ganging morons fall foul to this torrent of abuse although being thick skinned I really don’t bleat on about it as often home truth’s hurt…

The most recent complaint/Demands ” Do I know chapman ” Well yes I do know of a chapman ” Duane Chapman or better known as DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER….. We are not actually associated but more I sit watching him wave his sheriff’s badge around on the big screen to my delight….

As for Simon Chapman I have no idea what or who this person maybe…

Now to quote a good guy: ” You must be chasing the dragon to have such a deluded and vivid imagination ”

I’ll be leaving this on my page for 24hours as it infects my person wasting anymore time on the misguided Investors the misinformed Investors and worse the deluded Investors aiming there blatant spats at me…

I’m sorry if you lost money buying into the bullshit in BWYAN WE TRUST but to be fair it maybe time to question that at the next AGM…

Finally I will add I do not agree with Duck and Dive or know him. I just refuse to subscribe to bullshit or give audience to a guy with worse grammar than my own…

P on site at Eb1

(This is not a statement of fact but a opinion of the author)

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