Value in the stock market ”with Paternoster Resource”

Paternoster Resource News stream and Value

Paternoster have had a variable 12-15 months as they traded at a premium to the Nav with not so much going for it back in early 2012 and now trade at a significant discount with further Investment disclosure and Accounts pending release which will demonstrate a highly profitable and positive Investment/Revenue position and portfolio.

What is quiet clear is the company have made great leaps forward under the surface after the huge surge in cash profits from the Ldp trade in early 2012. One full year on and they now have around three times more cash with no likely cash calls and a healthy Investment portfolio.

Paternoster Resources are underweight, reiterating a BUY recommendation

Link to most recent review here:

As I review the maverick journal I’d like to add that the technical perspective looks to be maintaining a bullish trend as it has in bulk traded over the 200dsma in 2013 with a golden cross mid Jan 2013.

I expect the worthwhile news over the next week or so.

***Paternoster Resource 18th April 2013***

The key points to remember in the PRS Eoy accounts is that they (as in the name) go to the end of year thus we now cement the value from then in whilst adding calculated and speculated value ontop. I.e the further significant gains in Plr etc.

Cash Balance £1.5m Mktcap £2m and 577m shares in issue £2.7m Value pre-2013 rises

The company is trading at a discount to the Nav but more improtantly look at Txo and others in the peer group who are loss making and not cash generating % like Paternoster Resource.

Management considers that there is still significant potential within the Company’s existing portfolio for future growth.

Hallmarks here for further gains via the trading activity and VALUE Dec 2012-April 2013.

All the best Doc

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